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I made this bear from my mothers favorite gown,so I ,and my sisters ,would have a little memory bear with her dress for the memories..My mom has been gone over 16 yrs. I wanted something of Moms that could set out, instead of back in a closet somewhere,so I decided to help others get this little 9" memory bear in an article of clothing from a loved one or from a special event.The 9" is better for shelf,china closet,and other small places to display your little bear made out of special clothing. This bear would look great in any item of fabric like childs favorite clothing,Dads favorite shirt,and many more..Order a bear and send the item of clothing to get a special made memory bear for you.Fur and Sheer fabrics will be $6.00 extra.Seperate invoice will be sent for the differance in pricing.. Size is 9" from top of head to bottom of butt sitting Because of the bear size, Shipping is not Free on orders of $60. or more. If you are interested in 3 or more bears, please contact me for the Shipping cost.

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